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Kelaina Ingmor

Ages ago she was a concubine of the Elven Emperor Galius Mauvandilien. They were greatly in love, although the rules were that they could have only enjoyed each other in the pleasures of the body. Thus, they could never be together. When the plague struck, Emperor himself overwatched the soul transfers into the mechanical bodies, promising that he will be among the last to ‘relocate’. His new body was made from special metals from the fallen stars and made to better than any, turquoise blue with red stripes. Worthy of an Emperor.

Since almost the entirety of alchemy for transfer was depleted, Emperor Galius tricked the wizards switching Kelaina in his stead. He could not imagine life nor the world without her. With his last word he proclaimed his sons as Regents and with her name on his lips, he turned to the statue.

For many centuries Kelaina built the secret Mausoleum City for the fallen from the plague. When she was done, not knowing what to do, or where to go, because the world without Galius is dark and lonely, she let her mechanical legs take her north through now frozen lands.

And then she came to see an unusual sight. An Angel was wrestling with a Giant. She had seen Angels before when the world still had sense. They were always gracious, silent, kept to themselves. Giants always wore the most beautiful clothes, cooked the best meals. The Angel was yelling and growling, and the Giant was completely ragged.

When the fighters declared the battle even after three days, they sat down to eat and drink something. They also invited Kelaina. This is how she came to know the Angel Dnarkalean and the Giant Barefoot Boulderhold, the adventurers. They humored her with tales of heroism, helping out, saving those in trouble. 

If her mechanical face could have, she would laugh, but her soul has glowed.

Ever since she went to many an adventure and has settled in the Zamrock City where they declared her one of ten great protectors for her favors to the Empire.