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The Eye of Zamrock

And the tale of how the world came to be


Long before the so called Becoming of the world, in the vast universe two Gods were fighting for dominance over Galaxies. Zamrockadaninedonroledesoug and Aarboxerdoronothestereon. For Eons and Eons their battle lasted and many worlds perished just by the swing of their mighty weapons.

Through the sheer luck Aarboxerdoronothestereon saw an opening and cut the head of the other God. It rolled over the universe and it lasted for another several Eons, until it finally stopped on the nexus of all dimensions. Still alive the head was crying over the terrible fate, thus the oceans came to be. With its last power, God uttered the word that will be the name of the new world – Zamrock and gave life to Dragons and Elves, shutting down one eye and forever crying in the other.