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Farhshtoo Mirrzed – Fah

At the dawn of time in the First Age when the First Dragons walked beside the First Elves and First Men of Zamrock, Farhshtoo Mirrzed wandered the world hungry for knowledge meeting all the different cultures and customs. After a few hundred years she came upon a perfectly calming cliff with a magical source around it. At the edge an old man was sitting weeping with his head in his hands.

Not knowing how to cast away the bad mood, she just sat beside and waited.

After an unknown time the old man pulled himself out of his sorrow and noticed an unusual girl beside him. He never saw such unusual beauty. Suddenly words poured out and he said all about the people that are gone, how the war ate them and how he is now all alone. Now, at the end of his life, he is most sorry that it is all going to be forgotten. Once the great kingdom of Abrandoss turned to dust.

Farhshtoo then had a vision of a large building exactly at that place where all the knowledge of the world would be stored and not a single soul of Zamrock would be forgotten.

Old man stood up with a smile on his face. He looked like he’s a part of her vision. 

-Now, I can rest in peace. Thank you eternally, lady Mirrzed. – He said and slowly walked toward the forest he vanished through a few shades.

It took a lot of magic to build such a large library on a rocky cliff. Magical stairways spirally came down to the big doors that led into, at that time empty rooms and hallways which are to be filled with great works that describe the world and the Forgotten Tale will be able to flow within these walls. She was so exhausted that she’d slept for several thousands of years.

When she woke up she went straight into adventures to find out as much as she can about the world so it can all be noted and saved in the Great Library Fahndoree.