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Ork City


The capital Daalean of Orkish Kingdom was once the capital of the Kingdom of Daalean, the strongest trading and military state in the North. After the Kingdom fell in the Great War, the Ork people settled in these lands and left their mark on the city architecture.

They call themselves Ugruk Gongors and they are divided into two casts: The Conquerors (Ugruk Gar Gongors) and Merchants (Ugruk Belei Gongors).

Their ancestral home is out of Eye of Zamrock. Far up in the North, over the Endless Chasm, their cities lie carved in the mountains. From there, they travel to Eye of Zamrock in their flying ships.

Even though their warriors live a barbaric and nomadic life, they have a high sense of honor. On the other hand, merchants are sophisticated and civilized.