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Phil Longbeardositting

As a young Giant Phil dived out the Pearl of Maturity and sewed his first suit as a boy. 

He never had peace and kept looking for new places where he could go and think about his next steps. That led him farther and farther from home and so he’d one day run into a wizard named Dimballothley.

The Wizard was somewhat more frowning than usual so they started up a fight and the squabble was pretty intense. In the end they both laughed at some unknown joke and went up to the nearest tavern. Here the Giant sewed the torn up wizard’s cape, and the wizard in return created a huge fine sword with magic which Phil uses to this day.

Giant explained to Diballothley how he can’t find rest since he was young and he constantly lacks something and it scratches him right there someplace behind his head. It pulls him in different paths, but he still hasn’t found what he’s been looking for. The wizard suggested that he should join an adventuring party, he might need to help out someone in need. At least that’s how he sees it.

They parted their ways the next day. Giant towards the adventure, and the wizard in direction of his frowning.