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Mack Earthfielderson

Like many other Giants, he was an accomplished tailor and dressmaker. He won the Grand Tailoring Contest of its people and by doing so, he earned the call to go to the great Zamrock City and make clothes for the Emperor himself.

But just as Mack was getting ready for the audience with the Emperor, his sewing kit and tools were stolen. He roamed the narrow alleyways of the poor district desperately searching for the perpetrators.

Mack was about to admit the defeat and return ashamed to the court, when he stumbled upon a mysterious but a rather cheerful character. He just happened to be an Adventurer, since Zamrock City was their stronghold. He overheard Giant’s troubles and decided to help him. He took Mack to the City sewers, where they had to fight of the Sewer Worms in order to reach the thieves’ hideout. Mack and brave adventurer were outnumbered, but nonetheless, due to their skillfulness and heroism, they managed to overcome the bandits and retrieve the sewing tools.

When Mack asked his helper to reveal his name, he just smiled and said “Zachary Bennett. Take care, Mack Earthfielderson” and disappeared into the city crowd. After these events, Mack couldn’t get the sense and the thrill of a real adventure out of his head. As soon as he finished his work for the Emperor, he found a small company of bandits. After he made them trade their immoral way of living for the adventurous spirit, they embarked onto many quests that are yet to be told.