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Konlet Drurum

Growing up in the heart of the forest, in the Horee lake town of Kantlanam, Konlet was part of the builders community. He always tried to build the most extraordinary constructions, which collapsed one after another. Desperate parents sent him to his curious uncle Kalsus, who led a life of a loner ranger-builder on the hillsides.

Kalsus did nothing much besides smoking his pipe, and wrestling with passing antbears. One day, while Konlet was busy building his collapsing watchtower, a sudden group of woodland scouts gave him an advice that would change his life.

Among them was an old master builder who explained what Konlet was doing wrong. He counseled the little bird to try to connect his creation more with nature, and to use foundations of 7 secret technics which he passed on to Konlet. With that there was no possibility of failure.

The tower stood proudly over the trees, with the perfect look on the surroundings. From that day, Konlet joined up with the scouts, building the watchtowers whenever they needed them and in return, they kept teaching him various crafts and techniques.