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Illion Plav

Thanks to his wanderings and adventures across the Outer Lands, Illion Plavaduniun attended numerous archery tournaments, but missed the Doom of the Elves. He lost his entire family and home when the Demons brought down the Moon on the Northern Elven Lands. Staying strong spirited, he settled in the Dinerel forest, where the Horee taught him a bit about building. Being also a great beer lover he became the most regular face in the taverns across the Eye of Zamrock.

At one occasion he was clumsily walking out of the tavern and bumped into an old man pushing him down. While helping the man get up he landed on his back laughing strong because the clothes of the old man’s bottom were all torn up. Now an infuriated man said – “I was already in a bad mood coming here, and now you got in my way Illion! I will wipe a bit of that smirk of your face now!” – and waving his hands, sparkles crackled around. For a moment, all surroundings darkened and it was as if they had fallen into a cocoon. Still, Illion wasn’t a stranger to magic, he knew it from birth. He just laughed even harder and undoed the spell.

All happened really fast and the wizard Dimbalotley Ofneidellon, for the first time ever was ultimately surprised. And he is not someone who can be surprised, by now. His curse was undone even before it was cast. “You could really use this skill in adventures, young man…” – he muttered.

“Oh, just leave it be, gramps, let me buy you a beer, just let it be…” – joyfully said Illion, – “Adventures, you say?” – he was saying while pushing the wizard inside the tavern.

“Do tell me more about that!”