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Gafena the Dwarf

Gebrel Morband, her uncle, sent her on a mission to deliver the message to Imperial city of Zamrock. Her road, though, took her in a different direction and she somehow wandered off onto the War Island. There in Boreg, the main city of the island, she fell in love with the blacksmith’s son and decided to settle as closest to her heart that she could. She paid a Travelling Merchant to deliver the message and sent another message to her uncle not to worry.

The young man was soon called to serve the city guard, so Gafena joined too. She even managed to be in the same unit with the boy who, of course, didn’t even notice her. Few weeks later they were sent out of town towards the mountains to destroy the Bandits lair which was the source of terror for the trading route to Boreg.

Not even getting close to it, they were ambushed and most of them died. Gafena was heavily wounded by the first incoming arrow and her blacksmith boy died from the next. When she came to, she was lying in the puddle of blood and all around her were the bandits.

She couldn’t remember who she was or where she came from, nor who are all of these dead around here. When they finally found her, she was murmuring some dwarven song about the lost hammer and the bucket of water.

Some time had passed and the memories returned slowly. In the end she remembered everything and how after the loss of the young man she was following around she unstoppably rushed at the enemies cutting through them without any precision but with deadly swings of the sword until none could stand at their feet or had no feet no more, or other body parts, to that matter.

She had drawn her sorrow in beer for years until finally she came sober thinking how she doesn’t want any other person to lose their blacksmith. She hurled straight into the first Adventure and never looked back.