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Belein Sinkvor

He is one of the first Constructs ever made. When he was a young Elf he lost his limbs in the war against Orcs, but it was not long before the stone plague broke out and Belein, as the rest of his kin, got a new body to house his soul. He became this massive, 10 feet tall Construct made of pure bronze. His strength increased tenfold, but his movability suffered greatly in return.

Belein used his newly found strength to aid the Kingdom of Daalean in their wars with the Orcs, and he fought there for centuries. One time, in one of many battles of Wetland, an Orc champion almost destroyed his mechanical body but Belein was saved from a certain death by an Elf, Nandeal Mauvandilien – Mav.

She took him to her friend, a Dwarf named Garben, who managed to repair his body. Belein never got the chance to thank Mav nor to repay her, so he now wanders from one adventure to another, searching for any trace of Mav to offer her his lifelong service.